How to prepare for your first day at the Nursery!

Nursery in Dubai

There is a strange feeling of excitement with a splash of anxiety on the first day of preschool for both the parents and the child.
The child may be leaving home for the first time, would need to make new friends in an unfamiliar environment with many unknowns ahead.

It is not unusual for even the most extroverted children to need a little extra care and attention during their first few days at preschool. They might be a bit anxious at first, but with time, they’ll get so comfortable in this new environment that they may not even want to leave!

As parents of a preschooler, we have an important role in helping our little ones adjust by providing them with unconditional support and understanding. We have to try not to be too hard on them if they aren’t able to adapt instantly and have to learn to be patient.

If you are admitting your child to Spectrum Nursery, Dubai, you can get in touch with us in advance and our super friendly staff would be more than happy to set up an introductory class where the child can get to know the staff and get accustomed to their new environment

You could also make an appointment to just meet with the manager and check out the premises to get an idea of the welcoming environment created within these halls.

After admission, take time off your schedule to get to know your child’s thoughts and feelings about their new school, their peers and teachers. An open communication between parents and children can give children the confidence needed in adapting to new environments as quickly as possible.

Another way to give your child a sense of control over their day is by involving them in planning out what snacks they get in their lunch box every day, or letting them put on their shoes by themselves or even letting them pick their own outfits on the weekends.