Enrichment and Spectrum's Extracurricular Activities

Our Teachers take the children through various Enrichment Activities such as circle time, gymnastics, yoga, aerobics, sand and water play, cycling, role-playing, storytelling, reading, pre-handwriting skills, sensory experiences, puppet shows, arts & crafts, puzzle-solving, block building, clay modeling, painting/coloring, rhyme time, dance & music, phonics, lacing, sorting, educational movie watching, gardening, contests, field trips, cookery sessions (without fire), themed assemblies, collaborative activities, special days’ celebration, etc. during the normal nursery hours. These activities are intended to develop specific skills

Spectrums Little Global Citizens

Children in Spectrum learn how to respect & understand family, friends, and other members of the society who are from different cultures & backgrounds. We ensure equal opportunity and use anti-discriminatory practices ensuring that every child is included and supported.