At Spectrum, we follow the Early Childhood Care and Education Curriculum with the EYFS approach. We believe that each child is unique and needs to constantly learn to be strong, independent & resilient. Our curriculum is planned to ignite the curiosity in each child’s mind and let them explore, discover & learn. This curriculum facilitates and prepares our children for admission into different schools. The learning of a child is multidimensional because they grow Physically, Socially, Emotionally, Intellectually, Linguistically, and Cognitively at the same time. All dimensions of learning are critical for a healthy development and are valued at Spectrum. Accordingly, the curriculum at Spectrum is designed keeping in mind the benefits of activity-oriented experimental learning, it establishes only the learning expectations and is not imposed on children. Environment, Activities, Framework & Experiences of children are planned to ensure learning in the following areas:

  • Social-Emotional Development
  • .Physical Development
  • .Intellectual Development
  • .Linguistic Development
  • .Numeracy Development


As children learn by exploring the environment & surroundings, exposure & play are the basic modes of learning. All the learning is imparted through carefully selected & structured activities, games, play settings, rhymes, stories, etc. Play areas are learner-centric to support learning. Children are also taken through various activities such as role-play, sensory experiences, field trips, special day celebrations, arts & crafts, etc. to help them understand the world properly.


Classrooms are designed to be LEARNER CENTRIC with a large variety of child-safe games, toys, puzzles, blocks, books, and learning aids to support learning.


The program at Spectrum recognizes the uniqueness of each child so their progress and abilities are measured based on their skills. Child engagement is achieved through encouragement/motivation, participation, variety of activities within the day, recognition, attractive worksheets, imaginative activities, wide exposure, and rewards.

Children are evaluated and observed non-intrusively & gauged for their understanding to provide the appropriate support and help them reach their full potential.