About Us

Our Aim

Spectrum Nursery aims for overall development of our little ones to their full potential at their own pace in a nurturing environment. Children are encouraged & supported to develop Linguistic, Numeracy, Intellectual, Social, Emotional and Physical skills in a loving and caring atmosphere through a various activities. Our target is to create & sustain a safe, secure & healthy environment in which children can freely express themselves and display their skills with appropriate guidance being available at all times. We believe that development should take place by channelizing their energy in the right direction while the little ones are having tons of fun and by displaying their work to give them a sense of achievement.

Our Teaching Methodology

As children learn by exploring the environment & surroundings, Play is the basic mode of teaching. All the learning is imparted through carefully selected & structured play. In the first four years of life, the child’s brain grows to 80% of the adult size. Keeping this in mind, our curriculum is designed to expose our children to a wide range of activities on a regular basis complying with the guidelines set by the Ministry of Education. Class rooms are designed to be learner centric with a large variety of child safe games, toys, puzzles, blocks, books and learning aids to support teaching. Child engagement is achieved through motivation, participation, variety in activities, recognition and rewards. Children are continuously observed non intrusively and gauged for their understanding.

Our Activities

Our highly skilled teachers take the children through various activities such as Circle time, Role play, Storytelling, Reading, Pre-handwriting skills, Sensory Experiences, Puppet shows, Arts & Crafts, Puzzle solving, Block building, Clay modelling, Painting, Coloring, Rhyme time, Dance & Music, Watching educational movies, Gardening, Contests, Field trips, Cookery Sessions, Themed assemblies, Collaborative activities, celebration of special days etc. All intended to develop specific skills.